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Prevention and Detection Tips

The following tips will help you avoid fraud or identity theft from happening to you:

PREVENTION TIPS- Keep personal information private by eliminating the circulation of your confidential paper documents removing the threat posed by unsecured mailboxes.

Electronic bills and statements - Many companies allow you to select electronic bills and statements. PSB&T offers all our customers FREE Online Banking including Online Statements.

Pay bills online - Use online bill payment on a secure Internet access (not a public Wi-Fi hotspot) instead of mailing checks. PSB&T’s Online Bill Pay offers you peace of mind you are utilizing a secure network. If you must mail checks, do so at a post office or post office box directly. NEVER leave outbound bills and checks at your mailbox for pickup by your mail carrier.

Direct Deposit - Whenever possible have your funds direct deposited into your account. A few examples are payroll checks, government issued checks, and reoccurring deposits.

*DETECTION TIPS- In 2011, 43 % of fraud was first detected by the victims.

Take control - Monitor your account(s) daily with PSB&T’s Online Banking, Mobile Banking or 24-Hour Telephone Banking.

Set up alerts - sent by e-mail or to a mobile device giving you a chance to quickly, detect if your banking information has been compromised as well as giving you the advantage of reporting it early and bringing it to a stop.

Call our Customer Service Center 1-800-597-2977 or your local branch for more information on how these fraud prevention products can benefit you.

*Javelin Strategy & Research Report February 2012