Regional Manager

Location: Bloomington/Savoy, IL | Full Time
Date Posted: 3-11-2019

2018 Job Description Regional Manager

The Regional Manager is a critical role within the bank. The Regional Manager position is the leader of the retail branch employees for your region and set the stage for providing excellent service and customer education for products and services to all customers. This position impacts what happens within every branch within their region on a daily basis. This includes the level of customer service your employees provide within the branch, how they communicate with customers and other employees, their eagerness and willingness to continue learning and to maintain a positive attitude throughout all of the branches. This position sets and ensures a high expectation with regards to Above & Beyond customer service, following communication standards on every interaction, and engagement and coaching of branch employees. The Regional Manager position works with each Branch Manager within their designated Regions to ensure they clearly understand and perform their roles and that every employee within the regions works together as a team.

Below are the minimum requirements of the Regional Manager position: (Regional Manager Position should be able to excel at all of the task listed proceeding job descriptions)

Above & Beyond Customer Service
  • Raise the service level expectations of branch employees and monitor them on each branch visit.
  • Promoting excellent customer service by showing each employee how to keep our customers engaged during interactions
  • Showing each employee how to make the “ask” during transactions and new account openings.
    • Ensure that all Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers & Retail Float-Trainers are all extremely comfortable with this as well and are actively coaching and role playing with their staff as it relates to making the “ask”
  • Reviewing with Chief Retail Officer the Above & Beyond Shops as presented on a quarterly basis.
    • Addressing any issues or successes on these shops with the Branch Managers and staff.
  • Must come to work each day with a positive attitude and a commitment to developing our teams.
  • Address any issues in a timely, effective and professional manner.
    • Any issues within the branches should be communicated and include the Branch Manager to ensure a high level of coaching for future reference
    • Issues are correctly documented and reported to Chief Retail Officers and Human Resources Manager when appropriate
  • Setting the same expectation standards for all employees and holding the staff accountable to meeting the requirements of their Job Descriptions.
    • Rounding out a strong steam is a priority for this position.
  • Hiring Right
    • Taking time when interviewing to ensure you find an individual that meets the skills set needed for the open position.
    • Anticipating the needs and reviewing the staffing levels of the branches to ensure that the Retail needs are being met while maintaining within the bank budget.
  • Make key personnel decisions with the best interest of the organization in mind.
    • Hiring Right and Employee Retention are major factors needed to facilitate this.
  • Manage Branch Managers and retail staff to fully engage and follow the retail structure for assistance, questions and direction.


  • Communicate regularly with Regional Presidents and Chief Retail Officer to keep them aware of things you are working on with the Retail employees and any issues that have been observed or noted.
  • Meet/Communicate weekly with Chief Retail Officer to ensure effective communication and to evaluate and report any issues or successes throughout the Retail environment.
  • Schedule and Complete monthly 1 on 1’s with Branch Managers to discuss branch needs and ensure additional coaching and development of Branch Managers.
    • This position should be keenly aware of what issues or problems are going on within each branch as well as any successes the branch as seen.
  • Effectively communicate with additional lines of business as needed throughout the month
  • Fully support the Retail Incentive Program and be aware of and celebrate successes with the branch, Regional President, Chief Retail Officer and All employees when warranted.
  • Compliment individual and team performance quickly to increase awareness of positive things we do and to help maintain the positive attitude and environment throughout each branch.
  • Communicate any changes from the Chief Retail Officer or additional Bank Management.
    • Ensure that the information is effectively communicated and understood by each employee in the region.

Problem Solving

  • Must be able to work independently as you are the region leader for your Retail branches and will be required to ensure a high level of Problem Solving and Creative Solutions.
  • Be able to make an educated decision that ensures the safety and best interests of the company and the employees.
    • Be prepared to back up any decisions made and understand that feedback from other employees might reflect a difference of opinion, but stand firm in your decision if you feel it was the best in the given situation.
  • Effectively Problem Solve quickly and with Accuracy
    • This position will be top of the Personal Accountability flow chart and will be required to hold employees accountable to finding and providing solutions of their own.
    • This position will be required to be extremely knowledgeable in the Retail environment and able to quickly and correctly provide answers and solutions to staff.

Coaching & Development

  • Significantly improve the skills of the branch retail employees in customer education, uncovering customer needs for products and services, referring to other lines of business and providing Above & Beyond Service to customers and prospects.
  • Teach and Coach Branch Managers, RBS & CSRs to consistently improve their skills and to engage customers in discussion to help uncover opportunities and bring additional accounts and customers to our bank.
  • Manage Branch Managers to ensure that they are performing their roles; efficiently and effectively managing each branch schedule in their region, facilitating communication between branches and are coaching and developing their staff on a daily basis.
  • Schedule branch visits to each branch in your region 2-3 times a month.
    • This will help to uncover opportunities within each branch and help you to get a better feel for each employee
    • These visits are imperative to review Managers and staff to ensure they are meeting and exceeding their Job Descriptions and that effective coaching, communication and training is taking place on a daily basis.
    • Visits will also provide any inconsistencies within the branches in following bank policies and procedures.
  • Expert understanding, focus and complete adherence to the Branch Security Procedures Manual. Development and training of Branch Managers and employees on the information and implementation of the Manual.
  • Reviewing Branch logs within your Region to ensure goals are being achieved and reported
    • Ensure that 3-2-1 Review logs are completed timely and accurately
    • Review the New Account Process; Review all new accounts and documents, Review report provided to services not completed or utilized to follow up with employees on any issues, Review New Account Errors and File Maintenance Issues within Region-address any issues immediately.

Smart Scheduling

  • Effectively utilizing the electronic smart scheduling tool.
  • Understanding the staffing needs in each branch to effectively service our customers
    • Ensure schedules are completed at least 2 weeks in advance
    • Ensure branches have adequate staffing based on each branch’s needs- Taking into account high traffic days, payroll days for customers, large business deposit needs, etc..
    • Ensure that a Manager is always present during business hours throughout each region on a daily basis
    • Ensure that staffing is scheduled so a New Account Specialist/Branch Manager/Asst. Manager is available during lobby hours to assist any customers with new account issues.
  • Manage the scheduled vacation/personal/dedication days requested within each Region.
    • Ensure that branch managers are not approving time off for multiple employees unless approved by you.
    • Verify that coverage is available throughout the Region when approving time off requests for the branches.
  • Managing overtime for each branch

These above responsibilities will be measured by daily observation, management input, rewards, reports and achieving goals set by Senior Management. These will be evaluated by your Managers and other management of the bank.

Any lack of performance in these areas can lead to verbal warning, written documented warning and further disciplinary actions which can lead to termination.

In order to advance to the Chief Retail Officer or an additional role within PSBT you must be successful and consistent in your current job roles. Advancement will be subject to open positions and additional needs of the bank as established by the Organizational Chart.

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