Customer Service Specialist

Location: West Lawrence Branch Operations Center-Springfield, IL | Full Time
Date Posted: 7-15-2019

Job Description & Training Plan for Customer Service Specialist


Established in 2013, the Customer Service Center was created from a project completed by the Service Delivery Committee. The main goal of the committee was to determine how the bank can deliver professional, consistent, and efficient service to all Prairie State Bank & Trust customers. The vision of the Customer Service Center is to assist our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible while providing exceptional service. Our customers should experience service that is unparallel to anything that they can receive anywhere else. Customer Service Specialists will be instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.

The primary objective for our Customer Service Center is to provide “Above and Beyond” service for all of our customers. By resolving our customers’ issues with one call and providing exceptional service, our Customer Service Specialists will be able to reduce work load and follow up required by the branches while continually building trust from our customer base. It will enable branch staff to concentrate on customers in the branch without interruption or distraction from the phone. Additionally, Customer Service Specialists will be tasked with rounding out customer relationships. By rounding out relationships, we will be solidifying the customer with the bank as well as providing them all the financial tools they need. By priding ourselves on our service, we will establish and maintain the customer relationships that are needed to grow our business.

In order to reach this objective, the right employees will be needed to fulfill this demanding role. These employees will be tasked with performing a variety of different duties throughout their career at Prairie State Bank & Trust, including obtaining the knowledge to address the needs from our customer involving both retail and lending. These Customer Service Specialists will be required to service our customers by determining requirements, answering inquiries, resolving problems, fulfilling requests, cross-selling products, growing business and maintaining our customer database.

As of today, it is the primary job to focus on incoming calls; however, in the future, the Customer Service Center may also be taking incoming correspondence from customers via email.

Primary Goals, Responsibilities & Expectations for Your Position:
  • Answer inquiries by clarifying desired information; researching, locating, and providing information.
  • Resolve problems by clarifying issues; researching and exploring answers and alternative solutions; implementing solutions; escalating unresolved problems.
  • Sell additional services by recognizing opportunities to cross-sell accounts; explaining new features.
  • Maintains Customer Service Center database by entering information.
  • Keep equipment operational by following established procedures; reporting malfunctions.
  • Update job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain procedures manual for duties performed.
  • Enhance organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
  • Maintain awareness for potential fraud. Abide by all verification procedures, continually develop and adapt as necessary.
  • Listen, take notes, and be an overall engaged and responsible employee.
Production & Business Development Goals:
  • Think of the customer in all we do.
  • Address situations where service is less than Excellent.
  • Take ownership and be accountable.
  • Take the time to follow-up with customers to let them know their problem was resolved.
  • When we make a mistake, take ownership, and be creative and thoughtful in our approach to repair the damage. We are human, we will make mistakes (as will every other area you work with AND our customers), but we all have to do what we can to make sure those mistakes are minimal, and then work hard to fix them and repair any relations or our image. Providing excellent service regularly certainly fills the bucket with lots of forgiveness for when it’s needed.
  • Take the time to recognize Excellent Service anywhere you see it. Communication is closely tied to “service”. A little thought, a little consideration, a little patience AND in-person/phone communication go a long way (vs. email) in solving problems.
  • For every new thing we do (process, product, etc.), keep customer service at the forefront.
  • Adhere to our Basic Phone standards.
  • Always look for additional products and services for the customer.
  • Refer those with needs to Prairie State Bank & Trust for all their banking needs.
  • Take excellent care of the customers we have. This will include not only addressing the questions presented to us but taking the time to ensure that their contact information is correct, upgrade the current products they have, cross-sell them beneficial products, and keep an eye out for growth opportunities. Take the time to educate the customer why these products are beneficial and not just sell a product.
  • Build and maintain relationships with the all customers. Track birthdays, travel plans, family additions, and other information provided by the customer in your conversations with them. By building a relationship with our customers, they will be more likely to come to us for the financial transactions they need. Additionally, take advantage of all opportunities to provide Above and Beyond Service. For instance, advise them to let us know their travel dates to ensure their Visa Debit Card will remain active and not restricted due to suspicious activity.
Additional Goals:
  • Work with your manager and develop additional training opportunities for the branches. With calls coming directly to the Customer Service Center, the branches no longer have the exposure that was previously there. Share unique experiences so all employees remain fresh.
  • Regularly review all business areas within the institution to ensure that all policies, procedures, and forms are up to date. Additionally, review all processes for more efficient ways to process daily activities. This includes all information on the intranet, on, and all correspondence throughout the institution.

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