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Prairie State Bank & Trust, with the recent addition of Farmers State Bank of Fulton County, is a community bank with over $600 million in total assets, nearly 200 employees and 20 locations throughout Central Illinois.  Prairie State Bank & Trust is the successor to a group of smaller community banks acquired originally as early as 1968.  Prairie State Bank & Trust is fully owned by American Central Bancorporation, a family-owned bank holding company.

Despite its size, Prairie State Bank & Trust remains committed to community banking.  In the banking industry, one of the key ways we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is through our commitment to exceptional service, innovative ideas and flexible loan structuring to not only meet, but exceed our customers’ needs.  To accomplish this, American Central Bancorporation merged together several of its smaller community banks, retaining the best practices and ideas of each, and most importantly the employees so fiercely devoted to customer service, to bring you a bank with the size and products to meet your growing needs, and the roots firmly entrenched in community banking to meet your service expectations.  From this came our slogan, “Progressive Banking, Traditional Service”.