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Fraud Alerts

Fraud Alert for Debit Card Users

There is a current scam being sent to consumers via text and e-mail messages throughout Central Illinois. The text message or e-mail states your bank card has been temporarily DE-ACTIVATED and to call the number. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER as this is a phishing scam trying to get access to your personal financial information. If you did call the number and provide information, immediately call us at 1-800-597-2977 so we can close your debit card to prevent fraudulent transaction attempts. If you call after our normal bank hours, press 0 for Lost or Stolen Debit Cards.

Fraudulent Phone Call Regarding Visa Debit Cards

We have had several customers who have had some automated phone calls advising that their Visa Debit card has been deactivated. The caller is asking the customer to press 1 and enter their 16 digit card number. Prairie State Bank & Trust would like you to be aware of this scam and please do not respond to this call.
If you have had any such call and have given your card number out, please immediately call our Customer Service Line at 1-800-597-2977 so that we may place a stop on your card.

Phishing E-mail Alert

We have become aware of the Phishing E-mail that is indicated below.  The subject line on the email is “Your password expired.” You should disregard or delete this E mail. Prairie State Bank & Trust did not initiate this e-mail and we are working with our vendor to determine its source.

Subject: Your password expired

March 16, 2012

Dear Account Holder,

This message is mailed to you regarding your online banking user password has been expired.

Create a new user password by following these steps:

1. Log into your online banking by our secure link for Expired Password and entering the temporary password below.

Your temporary password is: vn#E$mv3jVFkv

2. You will then be prompted to change your password.

This temporary password will expire in 24 hours.