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Online and Mobile Banking

Online and Mobile Banking Services

Prairie State Bank & Trust makes banking on-the go easier with our secure, easy-to-use Online and Mobile Banking service. With one convenient login, you can access your personal bank accounts, investment accounts and loan balances from your home computer or mobile device. Not only can this aid in keeping your accounts safe, but you can also take advantage of a wide range of other services to make your banking experience as convenient as possible! With our Online and Mobile Banking service, you can:

  • Set up a PIN login for convenient access or use a Touch ID to login to your apple or android phone
  • View your account balances
  • View images of paid checks up to 60 days
  • View account transactions up to two years -- select by date range, check number, amount of transactions, or payee name
  • Use the Bill Payment feature to make and schedule payments
  • Transfer funds between your PSB&T accounts
  • Schedule recurring transfers to a savings account or loan
  • Initiate a variety of e-mail alerts
  • Download activity into your preferred financial management software
  • Be notified by e-mail when your Online Statement is available, then print or save to your computer or an external storage device for your convenience
  • Use the Debit Card On/Off switch to keep your account safe
  • Deposit checks made payable to you into your Checking or Savings using your mobile device

Download our Mobile Banking App Today! 

  • Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store from your smartphone
  • Ensure you are registered for our Online Banking
    • If you are not yet registered simply click the "Sign Up" option on the home screen and follow the prompts. 
  • Login and begin to enjoy the benefits of having your bank at your fingertips! 

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Money Maximizer

When you register for Online and Mobile Banking, you will also gain access to our new Personal Financial Management service, Money Maximizer! With Money Maximizer you will have the opportunity to view, not only your accounts with Prairie State Bank & Trust, but also your accounts at other banks, credit unions, credit card companies or investment companies. All you need is online access to whichever accounts you would like to view. Once all your accounts are saved to a single location, Money Maximizer lets you:

  • Categorize your transactions to help track how much is being spent on what
  • Create a budget and remain mindful of how well you are sticking to it
  • Track your spending trends over the course of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months
  • Set goals for Savings, Retirement and Debt Payoffs
  • Get an idea of your net worth based on all of your accounts and assets

Registration for Online Banking & Mobile Banking

You can register for our Online and Mobile Banking Service from either your mobile device or your computer. We encourage you to register now by visiting our self-enrollment page, or by downloading our app from the Play Store or App Store. After you have registered, you may start using the service right away. For help with understanding the variety of services offered, we have provided Commonly Asked Questions for you to review.  These are located in the Service under Documents and on our website under Tools for You, Online and Mobile Banking Service, Common Questions. For additional assistance, you can also call 1-800-597-2977 to talk with one of our Customer Service Specialists.


Online and Mobile Banking Demo

Online and Mobile Banking-Move Money Demo

Debit Card

Our Debit Card provides a convenient way for you to have access to your funds to make purchases at retail stores and on the Internet, set up recurring and one-time payments with businesses and utility companies, and withdrawing cash for ATM’s. Some of the advantages of using your PSB&T Debit Card for everyday use are:

  • Funds are withdrawn directly from your PSB&T checking account
  • Provides an alternative payment method to cash when making purchases
  • Allows you to make purchases from merchants who will not accept personal checks
  • Can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted world wide
  • When signing for your transaction you gain the added security of the MasterCard® network against fraud

Our debit card is not like other financial institutions. We have partnered with MasterCard® to provide you with a wide range of cardholder benefits when using the card to make purchases. For example, the benefits with our Debit MasterCard® include:

  • Extended Warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services

For more detail on these benefits, click on the Guide to Benefits for your card type.

Mastercard Guide to Benefits World Card

Mastercard Guide to Debit Mastercard

Mastercard Guide to Debit Mastercard (Health Savings Accounts)

Mastercard Guide to Small Business Cardholders

Use Mobile Wallet with your Prairie State Bank & Trust Debit Card

In addition to these valuable benefits, our debit card can be added to your Mobile Wallet. The service adds another simple and convenient way for you to make purchases in-store and online with security and privacy. For more information click here for Mobile Wallet.

Click here for information on Mastercard Security, then click Get Support and Safety and Security.

Prairie State Bank & Trust Debit Card Application

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a perfect fit for any occasion and are accepted by most merchants.

Gift Cards can be used to make purchases online, by phone, or in person, and with amounts as low as $20, they're sure to fit everyone's budget.

  • Purchasers or gift recipients can use the Gift Card as many times as they like through the expiration date, up to the amount available on the card.
  • Each purchase is automatically deducted from the card's available balance. If the card is lost or stolen with a balance remaining, the user can cancel the card and order a Replacement Card.
  • Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts from $20 to $750. A small purchase fee will apply.
  • You may register your gift card in case it gets lost or is stolen.
  • You can purchase a Gift Card at any PSB&T branch location.

Click Here to find a branch location near you. 

ATM Alliance

Surcharge Free ATM’s – in addition to our 16 convenient ATM’s, we are a member of two ATM networks that allow you to access cash without a fee. Whether you are in Central Illinois or traveling within the United States, the MoneyPass and AlphaLink Alliance networks total over 32,000 ATM’s where you can quickly access cash. To find the nearest ATM to you, or where you will be traveling, click on each link below.

Alpha Link MoneyPass

For your convenience, you may also download the MoneyPass Locator app to your iPhone or Android device by going to www.moneypass.com


At Prairie State Bank & Trust we give you the ability to control your own banking needs. Log onto the Deluxe® website at your convenience to complete any of the following services day or night.

  • View an online catalog of many different options and styles of personal checks Deluxe® has to offer.
  • Personalize your Deluxe® checks and see the latest custom offered products such as a photo checkbook cover, letting you upload a personal picture to be used
  • Reorder your personal Deluxe® checks
  • Check on the status of a check order
  • If you do not have access to the internet, you can still order 24/7 by calling 1-800-838-5287.

Overdraft Privilege

Rather than automatically returning any insufficient fund items against your account, Prairie State Bank & Trust will consider payment of the reasonable overdrafts presented, up to the authorized Overdraft Privilege limit approved for your account, generally up to $500.

Request a copy of the Overdraft Privilege Service policy for details about this optional, banking convenience. If you chose to participate in the Overdraft Privilege Service, customary fees will apply. (This service is available upon bank approval.)

Credit Card

The new Prairie State Bank & Trust Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card is here!

Put the power back in your pocket with our new Prairie State Bank & Trust Platinum Mastercard® Credit Card— this card provides you more financial flexibility with the stability and security of Mastercard®.

Please check out the Platinum Credit Card page HERE for all of the details!