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Online Banking

Online Banking -- Experience the convenience!

With online access to your personal bank accounts, investment accounts, and loan balances all in one place, Prairie State Bank & Trust makes it easy to access your information and keep an eye on your money.  View all of your account activity, investments, and loan balances from one online site!

  • Monitor account activity 24/7 seeing cleared and pending items
  • Make and schedule payments with Online Bill Pay
  • Transfer funds between your PSB&T accounts
  • Schedule recurring transfers to a savings account or loan payment
  • View images of personal checks that have cleared your account
  • Quickly search through two years’ worth of history with the custom date range box by check number, deposit or withdrawal amount, or payee name
  • Initiate a variety of e-mail alerts
  • Download activity into your preferred financial management software
  • Be notified by e-mail when your Online Statement is available, then print or save to your computer or an external storage device for your convenience
  • FinanceWorks helps you quickly identify where your money is spent; easily set spending goals and customize budget categories making reports as detailed or as simple as you choose.  
  • Have other outside bank, credit union, credit card or investment firm accounts you visit online?  With FinanceWorks they can be added into your user profile and will be displayed on your PSB&T Online Banking home page, eliminating multiple logins for you.

Prairie State Bank and Trust is a one-stop source for all of your personal banking and online financial management needs. Register Now, or view the Online Banking Demo, to experience the convenience and control of PSB&T's Online Banking services. If you would like assistance, please call 1-800-597-2977 to talk with one of our Customer Service Representatives.


ATM Alliance

Surcharge Free ATM’s – in addition to our 16 convenient ATM’s, we are a member of two ATM networks that allow you to access cash without a fee. Whether you are in Central Illinois or traveling within the United States, the MoneyPass and AlphaLInk Alliance networks total over 24,000 ATM’s where you can quickly access cash. To find the nearest ATM to you, or where you will be traveling, click on each link below.

Alpha Link    Money Pass

For your convenience, you may also download the MoneyPass Locator app to your iPhone or Android device by going to

Debit Card

A Debit Card, also known as a Bank Card or Check Card is a convenient way for PSB&T customers to have access to their funds 24/7 by electronic means. Some advantages to using your PSB&T Visa® Debit Card are: Click here to print application.

  • Funds are withdrawn directly from your PSB&T checking account
  • Provides an alternative payment method to cash when making purchases
  • Allows you to make purchases from merchants who will not accept personal checks
  • Can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted world wide
  • When signing for your transaction you gain the added security of the Visa® network against fraud

Click here to learn more about VISA® Online Security

Click here to enroll in the Verified by VISA® service

Credit Card

Prairie State Bank & Trust’s credit card products are competitive with the very best in the industry.  Élan® Visa® consumer cards offer unique rewards that include a full 1% cash back, merchandise, gift certificates and great travel options.

Consumer Cards:

  • Visa® Signature – provides unlimited premium rewards, with best in class account terms
  • Visa® Platinum – offers valuable Visa® benefits in a flexible, low rate card
  • College Visa® – provides an opportunity for college students, with verifiable income, to build credit and earn rewards
  • Young Adult Visa® – provides the unique opportunity to build credit with competitive rates and fees
    Click here for an application


Élan rewards programs help to deliver exceptional value and superior rewards.  Points add up quickly and redeeming rewards is easy and fast.  You can redeem points for unlimited cash back; gift cards, merchandise and charity options, as well as being able to choose your own rewards.  Purchase any item at any store, and call in to use your points for the purchase.  It is that easy!

Click here to learn more about VISA® Online Security

Click here to enroll in the Verified by VISA® service

Mobile Banking

Prairie State Bank & Trust offers Mobile Banking services that give customers access to their bank accounts when they want the information and are designed to help make customers lives easier.

Mobile Banking services allow PSB&T customers access to their account information by way of cell phone and tablets and are available to anyone with personal deposit accounts at Prairie State Bank & Trust. We encourage you to try these easy-to-use services.

Mobile App

Mobile Apps are available for consumers with iPhone, iPad, and most Android phones. With the Mobile App, you will be able to view account balances and posted transactions, transfer funds between PSB&T deposit accounts, set up alert notifications to receive by email and make deposits. In addition to these basic functions, three additional features are available to give you options for more control and to help simplify your own banking practices. They are PIN Login and Debit Card On/Off and can be set up by tapping the Settings button on the bottom scroll bar. In addition, Mobile Deposit is available by tapping the Deposit button on the Main Menu.

PIN Login allows you to create a four digit code to access the app functions without having to enter your Username and Password.

Debit Card On/Off is a feature that lets you control when your PSB&T Visa Debit Card is able to withdraw funds at an ATM or authorize debit card transactions. This is a great way to protect your account against unauthorized transactions.  You control when your card can be used and this will give you peace of mind. 

Note: turning your card OFF only impacts future debit card (point of sale and ATM) transactions.  Any previously authorized transactions will be paid, and any recurring transactions you had previously set up will still occur. Turning your card OFF will not affect your checks, mobile or internet transfers, bill payment, or any other type of transactions in your account(S).

Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit individual checks made payable to you using your mobile device. You will write your name and "For Mobile Deposit Only" in the endorsement section on the back of the check and complete the steps after tapping "Deposit".

Do you want to try the Mobile App service today? Simply go to the App store for iPhone and iPad devices and Google Play for Android phones, search for Prairie State Bank & Trust, and complete the self-registration process.

After you have registered for Mobile App, you may start using the service right away. For help with understanding the app, we have provided Frequently Asked Questions for you to review.  These are located in the App and on our website under Tools for You under Frequently Asked Questions.

As a Mobile App user, you automatically have access to Mobile Text.  The text number is 662265 and commands are listed below in the Mobile Text section.

Mobile Text

Have you ever needed to know your account balance or last few transactions that posted to your account quickly but do not have a smartphone or access to a computer? If this has happened to you, Mobile Text is the service that can help you. Once registered, simply text a command to 662265 and within seconds the information will be sent to you. The Mobile Text Commands are:

ACT                       Last four transactions on your primary checking account
BAL                       Primary checking account balance
BALALL                  All account balances
CMD                      Lists available commands
HELP                     Customer Service telephone number if you need assistance
STOP                     Will stop the Mobile Text service

Would setting up a balance alert help you? With Mobile Text, establish a minimum balance and when the account balance falls below the amount, you will receive a text daily letting you know. This is a great way to help you manage your money prior to your next pay date. 

To find out more how this Mobile Text service can benefit you, call our Customer Service Specialists at 800 597 2977 or your local branch and talk with a Customer Service Representative about this service.

Mobile Web

With Mobile Web service you may access information on your account through a special website address that is smartphone and tablet friendly. This service provides the same information and most features as Online Banking however it does require you to be an Online Banking user. Online Banking is provided at no cost and to register for it, go to the main page of our website,, click ENROLL NOW next to Access an Online Account and follow the steps to sign up for this service. Once this process has been completed and we have confirmed the enrollment, you will be able to access your account information by going to You will log in with your Online Banking User ID and Password.  


At Prairie State Bank & Trust we give you the ability to control your own banking needs. Log onto the Deluxe® website at your convenience to complete any of the following services day or night.

  • View an online catalog of many different options and styles of personal checks Deluxe® has to offer.
  • Personalize your Deluxe® checks and see the latest custom offered products such as a photo checkbook cover, letting you upload a personal picture to be used
  • Reorder your personal Deluxe® checks
  • Check on the status of a check order
  • If you do not have access to the internet, you can still order 24/7 by calling 1-800-838-5287.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are a perfect fit for any occasion and are accepted by most merchants.

Gift Cards can be used to make purchases online, by phone, or in person, and with amounts as low as $20, they're sure to fit everyone's budget.

  • Purchasers or gift recipients can use the Gift Card as many times as they like through the expiration date, up to the amount available on the card.
  • Each purchase is automatically deducted from the card's available balance. If the card is lost or stolen with a balance remaining, the user can cancel the card and order a Replacement Card.
  • Gift Cards can be purchased in amounts from $20 to $750. A small purchase fee will apply.
  • You may register your gift card in case it gets lost or is stolen.
  • You can purchase a Gift Card at any PSB&T branch location.

Overdraft Privilege

Rather than automatically returning any insufficient fund items against your account, Prairie State Bank & Trust will consider payment of the reasonable overdrafts presented, up to the authorized Overdraft Privilege limit approved for your account, generally up to $500.

Request a copy of the Overdraft Privilege Service policy for details about this optional, banking convenience. If you chose to participate in the Overdraft Privilege Service, customary fees will apply. (This service is available upon bank approval.)