Other Business Banking Services

Business Debit Card

With the PSB&T Debit Mastercard BusinessCard®, there is no need for you or your employees to carry cash, your business checkbook, or single checks with you, and it comes with many value-added benefits not available with many business debit cards.

Whether your employees are purchasing office supplies, large item purchases for your business, or using the card when traveling, all purchases made with your Debit Mastercard BusinessCard will post to our business checking account.

In addition to the simple recordkeeping and detail included on your checking account statement, the benefits that come with the Debit Mastercard BusinessCard are hard to ignore. Some of the benefits include MasterRental Insurance Coverage, Purchase Assurance Coverage, Extended Warranty Coverage, Easy Savings Program, Travel Services, ID Theft Protection and for those who travel outside the United States, VAT Reclaim Service. For more detail on each of these benefits click on the Guide to Benefits below.

Interested in this value-added debit card? Call us at 1-800-597-2977stop by one of our branches or contact our Business Services Team today! 

Easy Savings Program- NEW Effective July 1st, 2020

for all PSB&T Debit Mastercard BusinessCards® 

Simply use your Prairie State Bank & Trust Mastercard® to enjoy automatic rebates at more than 50,000 merchants. 

Your savings will be applied to your account each month- automatically. 

Mastercard Easy Savings® is ready to save you money on your everyday business purchases. Start making the most of the program today. 

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Night Deposit Processing

Having trouble getting to the bank before close? Simply place your deposit into our Night Depository for processing the next morning. As soon as the deposit has been processed, you will be able to view it through our Online Banking service, or 24 hour Telephone Banking service.

If you would like to learn more about this service, contact our Business Services Team to discuss the benefits of our Night Deposit Processing service.

Payroll Cards

Would you like to have all your employees on direct deposit, or automate your expense reimbursement process? Our Xpress Paycard service will help you reduce your overall expense of payroll processing or expense reimbursement. It may also help your employees who receive a paycheck to manage their money better. This is a no cost service to your company with full support during and after the initial set up. For employees without a checking account, Xpress Paycard allows them to not have to turn their paycheck into cash but to use the card to make purchases at retail stores who accept MasterCard, withdraw at ATM’s or retail stores, pay bills with the Bill Pay feature, have online access to view their balance and transactions, set up email/text alerts, and deposit pay from a second job or from their spouses job.

If you would like to learn more about this service, contact our Business Services Team to discuss the benefits of our Payroll Card service.

Overdraft Privilege

Rather than automatically returning any insufficient fund items presented against your account, Prairie State Bank &Trust will consider payment of the reasonable overdrafts presented, up to the authorized Overdraft Privilege limit approved for your account, generally up to $1,000.

Request a copy of the Overdraft Privilege Service policy for details about this optional, banking convenience. If you chose to participate in the Overdraft Privilege Service, customary fees will apply. (This service is available upon bank approval.)

If you would like to learn more about this service, contact our Business Services Team to discuss the benefits of our Overdraft Privilege service.

Business Credit Card

The new Prairie State Bank & Trust Business Mastercard® Credit Card is here!

You seize every opportunity possible for your business. Now Prairie State Bank & Trust's Mastercard® Business Card helps you take advantage when opportunity presents itself — by giving you more financial flexibility with the stability and security of Mastercard®.

  • Credit Card Rewards
  • No Annual Fee
  • EMV Chip Security
  • Easy Savings Program
  • So many more benefits - The only card you will need. 

Please check out the Business Credit Card page HERE for all of the details!