Prairie State Bank Retirees

Welcome to the webpage of the American Central Bancorporation 401k Profit Sharing Plan

Below you will find links to more information about the investment options available in the Plan.

Here is some important information.

You can e-mail to ask a question regarding the Plan or your account.

Fee Information

As you review the fee and expense information below, please remember fees and expenses are only one of several factors that participants and beneficiaries should consider when making investment decisions.  The cumulative effect of fees and expenses can substantially reduce the growth of your retirement account and you can visit the Employee Benefit Security Administration’s website for an example demonstrating the long-term effects of fees and expenses.

There is a $35 fee for withdrawal from the Investment options with Minnesota Life (aka Securian).

There is an annual fee assessed on a per capita basis against participant accounts to cover the cost of audit, accounting, and legal fees for the plan in general.  In addition, if you have accounts with Securian those accounts are also assessed a separate per capita fee annually.  These amounts are determined annually.  Your statement(s) will contain information on the actual amount of the fee in the quarter in which it is assessed.

Investment Management Information

You are responsible to determine what investment option(s) you wish you retirement funds invested in.  Please refer to the Annual Disclosure Packet of information regarding the direction of your investments.  A copy of the most recent annual packet of information is below.

As you review the performance information contained in the investment links below, please remember an investment’s past performance is not necessarily an indication of how the investment will perform in the future.

Annual Disclosure Packet

401k Summary Annual Report.pdf

Safe Harbor Notice

Summary Plan Description

2018 401K Packet.pdf

This packet is only updated annually.  More recent performance and expense information may be available at the Investment Links.

Investment Links

CD Fund factsheet.pdf
401K 4th Quarter 2018
U.S. Department of Labor Disclosure 
401k Investment Change notice distributed Jan 2015 
401k Investment Change notice distributed Sep 2016

Securian Investment Options

Advantus SandP 500 Index factsheet.pdf
DFA International Value I factsheet.pdf
Invesco Comstock R5 factsheet.pdf
Invesco Equity and Income R5 factsheet.pdf
Invesco International Growth R5 factsheet.pdf 
Invesco SmallCapValue Y factsheet.pdf
Janus Opportunistic Growth factsheet.pdf
Metropolitan West Total Re Bd Admin Cl factsheet.pdf
Minnesota Life General Account factsheet.pdf
Schwab Fundamental US Large Company Idx factsheet.pdf 
T. Rowe Price Large Cap Growth factsheet.pdf
T. Rowe Price Large Cap Value factsheet.pdf
Vanguard Extended Market Idx Adm factsheet.pdf
Vanguard LifeStrategy Cnsrv Gr Inv factsheet.pdf
Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Inv factsheet.pdf
Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Gr Inv factsheet.pdf
Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Adm factsheet.pdf
Vanguard Small Cap Growth Index Admiral factsheet.pdf
Vanguard Small Cap Value Index Admiral factsheet.pdf


How Securian Investment Options differ from retail mutual funds.pdf
Glossary of Investment Terms.pdf  
Benchmark Information.pdf

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