Prairie State Bank & Trust is a community bank with over $700 million in total assets, over 150 employees and 20 bank locations throughout central Illinois. Prairie State Bank & Trust is the successor to a group of smaller community banks acquired as early as 1968. We merged these banks together over the past 20 years, retaining the best practices and ideas of each and the employees fiercely committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

Prairie State Bank & Trust has the size, and products and services to meet your growing needs, and we remain fully committed to the high level of customer service derived from our community banking roots.  This unique combination gives rise to our slogan: Progressive Banking, Traditional Service.

Prairie State Bank & Trust is fully owned by American Central Bancorporation, a family-owned bank holding company. American Central Bancorporation and Prairie State Bank & Trust are committed to community banking for the long term. We intend to continue to differentiate ourselves through exceptional service, innovative ideas and flexible loan and deposit structuring to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.