Our trust department is large enough to offer all the trust services needed to help you and your family along your journey to setting-up a solid foundation to obtain financial peace of mind, but small enough to still provide that one-on-one service that you can only get from a caring community bank. 

Our experienced staff would welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure that your financial needs are met now and in the future. We understand that each individual has different financial needs and we will take the time to listen and offer services that would best be suited to meet your needs and reach your goals.

Products & Services

Through the years Prairie State Bank & Trust has always enjoyed helping individuals and families protect their assets.

Listed below are some of the trust services offered:

Administrator or Executor

We can be named to administer your estate in a professional manner. As the administrator or executor we will administer the estate per the language and directions stated in the Will without any conflicts of interest. We will gather all assets, pay all necessary bills owed by the estate, work with the attorney of record, work with tax preparer regarding tax returns that need to be completed and prepare an accounting to be approved so that assets can be distributed and the estate can be closed.


The Court will issue Letters of Office naming the bank as guardian of the estate to administer the finances of a minor child or a disabled adult. We would be responsible for managing the investments, distributions made to the beneficiary, paying necessary bills and preparing an annual accounting for the Court to approve.

Living Trust

A trust is created by a living individual and the bank can be named as Trustee or Successor Trustee to handle the overall administration of the trust including investments, real estate management, payment of bills, disbursements, etc…

Testamentary Trust

We can be named as Trustee when an individual wants to set-up a trust under their Will after they are deceased. The bank would handle the overall administration of the trust and work closely with the beneficiaries involved to make sure the trust is managed properly and in a professional manner.

Charitable Trust

A trust set-up to benefit a charitable organization and plays an important part in estate planning for several individuals.


An account can be set-up as an investment management account or can be set-up to help an individual with bill payment responsibilities.

Other services offered are Agent for Administrator or Executor, Self-Directed IRA’s, Land Trust, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust and Farm Management Services…

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