Business Banking Loans

Loans for Professionals

As a physician, dentist, engineer, attorney, accountant or other professional, your needs may be unique. At Prairie State Bank & Trust, we provide creative solutions to meet those needs, and most importantly, deliver service that accommodates the demands of your often busy schedule.

Whether you are looking to purchase or build a new office facility, purchase new equipment, or acquire ownership in your practice or business, we will work to find a loan that is right for you!

Commercial Real Estate Loans

For commercial real estate loans, including owner-occupied commercial real estate, leased commercial real estate, commercial construction loans, commercial lot loans, or subdivision or other land development loans, we commit to handle your request promptly, and offer guidance and assistance along the way!

We also have lenders who can assist with specialty loans, such as Small Business Administration 504 loans.

Residential Rental Properties

If you are looking to purchase or refinance residential rental property, we have loans designed to meet your needs.

Other Business Loans

Whether purchasing equipment or vehicles, financing accounts receivable or funding inventory, we are able to service all of our business customer's needs!

Ag Loans

Whether you intend to farm it or simply hold for investment and rent, Prairie State Bank & Trust has provided loans to purchase or refinance farm and recreational land for years!

We also have lenders that specialize in funding the operating and equipment needs of farmers throughout Central Illinois.

Lending Locations

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