Help Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day!


Popular cartoonist and best-selling author Scott Adams was quoted as saying:

“Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

This profoundly is a philosophy that, when adopted, seems boundless and limitless; a lifestyle that measures our rewards in our contributions to others’ happiness:  fulfillment through selfless giving that reverberates through the lives of those we touch.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start though, and that’s ok. In the theme of the topic, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. In the banking world, it might be something as simple as helping a relative set up their checking or savings account or driving a friend to one of our branches to speak with one of our representatives who can help with some of their financial questions.

Here are some other helpful suggestions as we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day!

  1. Give an envelope with a gift card to a locally-owned tea/coffee shop to a friend with a note inviting them to take some relaxing time.
  2. Take 5 minutes to write a letter or card and mail it to someone who isn’t expecting it. Put a stamp on it and mail it. (Don’t text. Don’t email)
  3. Pay-it-Forward! Buy a coffee for the person in line in front of you at the coffee shop.
  4. Make your signature dish and give it to your neighbor. They’ll appreciate the night off from having to cook!

For more suggestions, as well as calendars and fun activities, head over to the official Random Acts of Kindness site  at