Good Reasons to Have a Credit Card in 2022


Owning a debit card has become so common in today’s world, we often forget that despite all of their similarities, debit cards and credit cards still have very different functionality.

Credit cards often will have benefits that debit cards do not. From cash back incentives to advanced fraud protection, credit cards are a valuable asset to have.

So, in a sea of alternatives, what are some of the most highly regarded benefits a card can have in 2022?

  1. No Annual Fee – “No annual fee” means you will not be charged for using your credit card. Where some credit cards promise high-end rewards, those rewards might come at the price of paying an annual fee just to use your card .Choosing a card with no annual fee can save you tens to hundreds of dollars a year.
  2. Rewards Programs – Rewards programs vary but they may include purchase points that can be used towards air travel, events, and, in some instances, can even be used to erase transactions from statements.
  3. Identity Theft Protection – Identity Theft Protection is an important benefit of any card. As scamming attacks and database breaches become more frequent you need a card that provides this layer of protection
  4. 24/7 Customer Service – Good customer service is often the #1 sought after benefit customer’s want in any product or service. While banks offer extraordinary customer service for their debit cards, it is often limited to their hours or those of their dedicated staff. Many credit cards, however, offer 24/7 customer service, anytime, anywhere, and in any language.

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