Global Recycling Day: Using Reuse, Reduce and Recycle to Shrink your Footprint and Increase Your Savings


We all feel an obligation and commitment to make our environment a better, cleaner place for ourselves, our families, and our future generations. What we often fail to realize is that along with reducing our ecological footprint we can also reduce our spending, all the while increasing our saving. There are many ways that using less translates to saving more. Here are just a few:

Buy in Bulk: Now wait a second! Buying more uses less? Think of it this way. Buying 4 quarts of milk is not just more expensive, but it takes considerably more plastic, creating more refuse. Buying in bulk not only reduces the amount of packaging but for those who order their essentials online, a one-time monthly shipment versus several shipments spread out over weeks saves a LOT of money in shipping costs!

Look at what you already have: For most people, updating a living room or bedroom set means a considerable investment. And the original furniture? Curbside pickup is a common thing for those remodeling. Why not try repurposing that dresser for your washroom? A coat of paint and new hardware can do wonders for old furniture AND your wallet. This also saves your local waste management company from an additional trip to the local landfill.

Donate! Donate! Donate!: While not necessarily lining your own wallet, donating reduces the economic strain on others by offering alternatives several times less expensive than their newer counterparts. Box those books up and take a trip to the goodwill. Not only will it free up space in your home, but for those on PAYT programs, it will reduce the number of disposables and your trash bill!

These are just some of the ways that you can help the environment while simultaneously saving more money. Having a savings account in tandem with these practices will help you find a safe, secure place for those extra funds. Let Prairie State Bank & Trust help you on your savings journey! Click here for more info!