5 Tips on Financial Prosperity in 2022


Gene Roddenberry’s depiction of the future has largely influenced society’s own speculation on what the world will be like in years to come. Star Trek’s heroic Captain Kirk often looked towards his second in command, Science Officer and half-human, half-Vulcan. Spock. Spock’s salutatory message “Live long & Prosper” is still a sign of well-wishing today. Here in 2022, prosperity is an often sought-after goal, and financial prosperity is a common aspiration. Today, we’re gonna look at 5 tips to help attain financial prosperity in 2022.

  1. Take a look at redundant and “automatic” expenses.
    How many streaming services do you currently subscribe to? Sure we all want to see the newest series first, and we all want to avoid spoilers, but, in an effort to “cut the cord” from our monthly cable expenses, many of us have adopted more streaming service subscriptions than is good four budget. Chance are you have multiple monthly subscriptions that are barely being used. If you see a service that has gone untouched for more than a month, then it’s time for it to go!
  2. Attitude is well… it still means a lot!
    Don’t limit yourself by negativity. Most of us know that money isn’t everything, but that’s where the negative outlook on wealth needs to stop. Regarding your financial situation as “bad luck” or referring to yourself as “financially challenged” is a very limiting perspective. Instead, choose to think of yourself as worthy and deserving of a new financial lifestyle. This will provide a great mental framework when it’s time to put in that extra effort.
  3. Give your goals a physical representation.
    Creative thinkers are no strangers to vision boards. For years vision boards have been instrumental in helping people realize their long-term goals. Find pictures of those things you mean to save for. Whether it’s that trip to Disney, that new car, or the house of your dreams, being able to visualize your goals is a powerful way to remind yourself of what you’re working towards.
  4. Prepare and Organize!
    Preparation is a foundation for success. This preparation will often require you to wear many hats. One of those hats is often becoming your own finance director. In an effort to keep a running system of checks and balances, you’ll want to create your own:
    1. Balance Sheet
    2. Income and Expenditure Statement
    3. Cashflow Statement
  5. Know your financial “Untouchables”.
    While most of us realize that we need to set money aside in order to save, that’s easier said than done. Sometimes we need to have a very real and tangible divider between what we have now and what we WANT to have in the future. Having a savings account in addition to your checking account is often a perfect first step. This is an easy process and one that our helpful staff here at Prairie State Bank & Trust would love to assist you with. Simply call 1-800-597-2977 to speak to one of our representatives today.