Summer Savings Tips


As most of us waited patiently through the winter and even some semblance of spring to get to beach and vacation weather, we also were busily trying to put money back for all of those wonderful summer expenses. Although we always try to foresee the unexpected, those savings can easily dwindle when we are having a good time with friends and family. When it comes to tightening those purse strings, here are several suggestions that might just get you through to Christmas!

  1. Avoid the early summer rush! Prices tend to be at their highest in the early weeks of summer. Try to travel in late August and you’ll see the savings… sometimes as much as 25%!
  2. Track your spending. Utilize our PSB&T Mobile app nightly to monitor your daily spending. Keeping track of your expenditures will not only help you budget for the following day, it will also help you recognize trends where you might be OVER spending.
  3. Use the tools PSB&T has for their customers to help make savings easier!
    • Money Maximizer- Available through online banking and the mobile app. This program allows you to connect all of your external accounts for easier overview. You can set goals based on spending categories or savings goals. Get alerts when you have exceeded a spending limit and so much more!
    • “Change-it-Up” Debit Card Savings Program. This program rounds up purchases made on your Prairie State Bank & Trust Debit Card to a designated Savings Account. This not only makes saving easy, but it automatically transfers those funds each night.
  4. Bring food with you on that road trip. A common mistake travelers often make is underestimating just how easy it is to snack on the road. Just a few gas station pitstops and your wallet is sure to get a little lighter.

We hope these tips will serve you well in the upcoming summer months and beyond!