Welcome Jacksonville Vice President & Regional Commercial and Ag Lender, John DeFreitas!


Our PSB&T family is growing and we couldn’t be happier! It is our pleasure to introduce the Prairie State Bank & Trust community to John DeFreitas, Jacksonville’s new Vice President and Regional Commercial and Ag Lender. John’s likability and focus on his clients are easily recognizable when you meet him, but we thought we’d give you some further insight into this new addition to our team!

PSB&T: How would your spouse/friends/family describe you?
JD: My loved ones would describe me as someone who's dedicated to providing for and caring for the family. They also know I have a playful side, always ready with a joke or prank to lighten the mood.

PSB&T: What made you choose to join the Prairie State Bank & Trust team?
JD: I've always had an interest in community-focused banks. I appreciate the close connection with senior management, regular feedback, and the shared vision of growth as a team that Prairie State Bank & Trust offers.

PSB&T: How do you feel your role here at Prairie State Bank & Trust will allow you more opportunities to give back to the community?
JD: From day one at Prairie State Bank & Trust, I've felt encouraged by bank management to contribute to the community. They've even incorporated community support into my goals, demonstrating their genuine commitment to both the community and my involvement in helping others.

PSB&T: In what ways do you feel Prairie State Bank & Trust separates itself from other financial institutions?
JD: Prairie State Bank & Trust sets itself apart as a local, family-owned institution that prioritizes responsible lending to individuals right here in our community. In a world of big risks and trends, they stay true to their roots.

PSB&T: What are you most excited about for your new role here on the team?
JD: What excites me most about my new role at Prairie State Bank & Trust is the opportunity to dive deeper into agricultural lending. The bank is providing me with additional training and support to expand my knowledge and serve more customers in the agriculture sector. I look forward to helping farmers grow their operations.

PSB&T: Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?
JD: I've been playing the guitar since I was 13 and even had a stint in a band. These days, I let my kids take the stage with their instruments. If you visit my house on a typical weekend, you'll likely find me tending to the grill, smoking some delicious meat."

PSB&T: What's the best place you’ve traveled to?
JD: One of the most unforgettable trips my wife and I took was to the Grand Canyon for our 15th wedding anniversary. The sheer grandeur of the canyon is indescribable, and sharing that experience with my best friend made it even more special.

PSB&T: What motivates you at work?
JD: I thrive in a team environment that fosters a friendly, competitive spirit, making work enjoyable and motivating.

We are truly excited to have John bring his warmth and enthusiasm to his role here at Prairie State Bank & Trust. Please join us as we welcome him into the PSB&T family!