Welcome Senior Vice President & Treasury Manager, Amanda Klein!


It’s always an exciting time here at Prairie State Bank & Trust when we have the opportunity to welcome a new team member into our family. It is our pleasure to introduce the PSB&T community to Amanda Klein, the new Senior Vice President and Treasury Manager for all of our branches. To help you get better acquainted with Amanda, we sat down with her and got personal about who she is and her new role here at Prairie State.

PSB&T: Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies? 
AK: I am a piano player and used to give lessons too! 

PSB&T: What made you choose to join the Prairie State Bank & Trust team? 
AK: I love that we are a local small-town bank with big business payment solutions.

PSB&T: What's something you find challenging about working in banking/lending? 
The technology landscape is constantly changing in the payments world and it is highly intriguing to me.

PSB&T: What motivates you at work?  
AK: I love making life easier for business customers and reducing time spent on tedious things they encounter daily. Sometimes, our solutions reduce their payroll, which is very rewarding!

PSB&T: How do you feel your role here at Prairie State Bank & Trust will allow you more opportunities to give back to the community? 
Prairie State allows the time needed to give back to the community and gives time upfront each year for volunteering which is great.  I haven’t seen that in my 25-year banking career yet. 

PSB&T: In what ways do you feel Prairie State Bank & Trust separates itself from other financial institutions? 
AK: Prairie State Bank & Trust is not a one-size-fits-all bank.  Each business is different, and we recognize that.  We listen, recommend, and try to make things as easy as possible for the customer.

PSB&T: How would your spouse/friends/family describe you? 
AK: High energy, easy going, & fun-loving

PSB&T: What are you most excited about for your new role here on the team? 
AK: I am most excited about more technology and payment solutions coming to the bank within our Treasury Department to make our customers' lives easier.    

Amanda is definitely a welcome and valued addition to the PSB&T roster. Please join us as we extend our warm welcome to her!