ATM Upgrades Coming Soon!


We are thrilled to be rolling out through the remainder of 2020 a new fleet of upgraded ATMs to our branch locations. 

The Charleston & 18th Street branches received the newer model ATMs in January of 2019 and we are now ready to work on installing these models throughout our locations. 

Our 3 locations in Springfield have just been upgraded and up next will be Mt. Zion & Long Creek; Virden & Girard and then Mattoon. 

The remaining ATMs will be updated in September. 

These new ATMs are touch screen model Hyosung ATMs.  The screens themselves have a 3 position tilt which is helpful for different size vehicles.  The monitors are new, clean and sharp images.

Lewistown’s ATM will move from the island to through the wall once their installation is completed. 

Bloomington, Savoy and Jacksonville will be image deposit taking.  This means they will accept cash and check deposits at their ATM.

We are very excited for these upgrades and look forward to a positive experience from our customers as well.