Explorer's Program

Some of the most important relationships that you have are those with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and other family members. We always want what is best for them and what could be better for them than starting them off in life with the financial basics needed?

Our Explorers Program is here for those ages when making learning fun is critical.  Targeted to ages 17 and younger to start them off building and understanding Savings and Banking Basics.  From opening their first Savings account and bringing in that change that they worked hard for or starting their first checking account to start at their first job, Prairie State Bank & Trust wants to ensure they have an excellent experience learning these life events. This time in their life should be centered around making learning fun and we will be focused on creating unique experiences for these ages.  Celebrating their successes during these times will help to continue their excitement for learning, saving and financial involvement.

We want to ensure that we have a program targeted at these ages to partner with our Navigators and Voyagers to bring their family along for this fun financial ride with Prairie State Bank & Trust.

How many of us remember going to the bank as being a much more frequent occurrence? Or what a big deal it was to open up your first checking or savings account? We want to ensure we are creating that same exciting memory for our young customers today.

We will work to create a fun program to celebrate the smaller milestones that our 17 and younger customers will work to hit. Depositing change into your Young Savers account? Let’s Celebrate that savings. Hit $100 in your account? Time to celebrate! Setting a goal of what you are saving for? That’s a big step towards budgeting and understanding savings in the future. That’s a big deal and we will work to make it one with you!

Our focus will be on engaging the youth of our Navigators and Voyagers to build our future Voyager customers now. We want to create that community feel and celebrate your child’s successes with them. We will be hosting branch events with our youth in mind as well through the year. Easter Egg Hunts, Trick or Treating, crafts, and more throughout the year to get them involved and excited to visit the bank and to work towards those milestones with us!  They are our future so let’s work together to get them the skills they will need to be everything they want and more!