Navigators Program

The introduction of the Navigators group will allow our Voyagers to invite their friends and family member to start building and continuing to expand their financial wellness and education.

This program will be geared to the 18-49 age range. This is a critical age range for Financial Literacy and Education as it is during these times that our customers often need the most assistance and direction from their banks and the bank experts. During this time in our customers lives many of them are preparing for large life decisions that are most often involving finances.

During this life stage our customers will experience some of all of the following:

  • Purchasing a Vehicle
  • College Education & Expenses including repaying Student Loans
  • Purchasing their 1st home
  • Building an Emergency Savings
  • Expanding their family
  • Saving for Retirement
  • Home Repairs
  • Establishing Wills & Trusts
  • Succession Planning

We want to ensure that we providing all of our customers with the skills and knowledge to be successful during this critical time of their lives. Knowledge of each of these processes and the impact these can have on their lives will set them up for financial strength in the future.

The Navigator educational events will also be open to the Voyagers as well as we believe that knowledge is power at any age. These events will be focused on providing the needed skills and resources to be able to navigate these life events. We will be working to offer additional educational opportunities to target this age in an electronic web-based training environment. We understand that our customers are busy and while we enjoy seeing them at these events, we also understand that schedules do not always allow for attendance to these in-person events. We will host some in-person events for our Voyagers and Navigators, but want to ensure we are bringing the knowledge to them when at all possible.

Our Navigators Program will also work to bring additional fun events and travel opportunities through the development of the program. We will be partnering with many different organizations and businesses around our areas to host fun evening and weekend events. Cooking classes, food pairing, movie previews, and additional networking events will bring some fun and community involvement to this group. Partnerships for discounted travel including family vacations and more will be available later in the year as well. Prairie State Bank & Trust knows the importance of taking time to spend with your loved ones and our secondary focus through these programs is to ensure we foster those relationships.